We talk often of sexuality, but how much focus do we give to our sense of sensuality? Sensuality is a lost art, the poor forgotten cousin of sexuality, yet it is vitally important for self-confidence. I do yoga and fitness but I am not yoga and fitness….I am more…. I am woman and with owning being a woman I have come to learn I am my most centred when I also own my Sensuality… By definition Sensual actually means to be pleased by ones senses. When I was young I was very sensual but hid it from the world. Because the world condems sensuality into the bracket of its cousin sexuality and it makes one feel ashamed. In fact the stigma in our society of being a powerful sensual woman damns us, shames us and tells us we deserve violence against us. It took me a long time to realize that sensuality is more than sexuality will ever be and makes me more alive then I have ever been….. I started yoga and drifted into feeling with my senses and my movements became homely to my sensuality….but it was scary and some days still is, as people misunderstand me. But more importantly sensuality is scary because it’s where we meet ourselves most directly, without filters, without verbiage, and, if we go far enough, without fixed roles. But now I know that the moment I a woman connects to her body by connecting with her sensuality she has a new source of groundedness, power, and intuition. She taps into her natural goddess energy without makeup, high heels, or a new outfit. It’s available at any age. When you walk or stand connected to yourself, you create a different vibration. You feel different and people feel you differently.This Goddess dwells inside each of us. A way of being that reminds us what a privilege it is to be WOMAN. Owning and honoring all the faces of the Goddess within allows us to accept ourselves wholeheartedly. Self-love is impossible without this complete acceptance. My greatest lesson from yoga yet was to own sensuality.

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