Social Media and Yoga Food for Thought

There are approximately 15 million+ yoga posts on Instagram alone. So there is no need to to ever follow someone that does not resonate or bully another for their posts. Your social media feed is yours, not mine or anyone else’s. You have full control over what and who is inspiring to you. So please it is time to stop judging those who do not resonate. Because yoga is not judgment for anyone who says this is not yoga to anothers posts neither is the statement as that is judgement and this is not yoga. Please simply unfollow those who don’t resonate and build a online community that brings you joy.

Lets talk about body love now and the a half-naked type of person. I personally respect my body and my skin I am in and anyone else’s. I grew up in swimsuits being an Aussie and a swimmer. I do not think about wearing a bikini or possibly even less clothing. It’s who I am. I was taught I am only borrowing my body for my souls home and my life experience is made by how I use my body to move and create life, not by what it wears. It’s part of my being, my truth. Less clothing isn’t a crime on the beach and it should not be on social media nor does it make anyone suddenly a bad person or anyone else. Clothing or the lack thereof is an expression of you. No one, yogi or not yogi, is responsible for telling us what to wear or what not to wear. We are all responsible for our comfort and individuality. So please wear what makes you happy and I’ll wear what makes me happy.

Another mistruth of an idea social media has is that people should only post informational photos with precise postural alignment, which is insanity. Social media exists to inspire one another, and to express our indivdiuality, not to be an informational guide only. Yes, it is possible to learn invaluable information from social media, but it’s not a requirement in order to share your personal yoga journey. If people want educational information, then they should seek out a yoga studio, a yoga workshop, a book, or possibly an online yoga course. It’s not anyone’s responsibility to teach through their social media journey and nor should it be expected – yoga teacher or yoga practitioner.

All social media, yoga related or not, is a tricky balancing act. You and I are responsible for our online experience and it can be challenging. Just like life and the society standards of what is beautiful. It’s easy to compare and grasp for what we don’t have or judgement another. It is easy to be guided by our ego too. But can social media also be a lesson in disguise to teach us how to balance, how to grow, and how to be an inspiration to one another and ourselves? The answer is hell yes. Nothing is black and white.

Please remember it’s your journey, don’t hijack anothers get busy doing your own awesomeness and don’t let anyone else steer it. You are the driver of your actions, movements, relationships, conversations, and yoga selfies. So with that said, please keep posting because it’s an expression of you. And you is what matters.

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