Soul Movements my Yoga

When I think about my practice as a movement maker. I would never like to define myself as simply a yogi. I would prefer to call myself a person practicing yoga but a soul mover. I believe we are all practicing yoga either consciously or subconsciously, simply by our breathing, we are already taking part of what is called life force in yoga. Why I do not call my self a yogi is because the definition is often utilised in away that I do not resonate with. Many people practice yoga but their ways in which they judge, does not resonate for the practice I have learnt of yoga. For me yoga is about our heart and soul not the extraordinary movements. It is about leading people to find their home inside them and their truth, not a postures or more judgments and definitions but more observations, love and acceptance. So here I am doing yoga it isn’t about my clothes or my moves it’s about my soul and feeling good. So, I prefer to call it my soulful movements. You see each one of us walk but our walks are none two alike and this is the same with yoga. Each one of us are a human and humaning, thinking, acting and breathing but none two alike. Yoga cannot be defined by the outside it is created by the inside shining out my yoga teacher @blissology taught me this. Yoga Is about never being right about anything but always being willing to love and grow and stay humble. It is about supporting one another on a journey of life time to find our way back home to ourselves and being compassionate along the way to know it’s a different journey for each of us none wrong or write just different. Yoga is about inspiring others to do the same with not an expected look, way, feel or definition just simply being and let be. Namaste
Mat and leggings @omgiyoga
These movements inspired by a beautiful human @laurenscolari

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