Strength to Me

Strength looks a lot different to me than culture definition or fitness definition. Strength to me is showing you a person not a mask. Strength means feeling vulnerable and doing it anyway. Strength means loving accepting your body and celebrating it and others anyway through all the mixed messages of society. Strength means being a woman and a goddess and knowing neither compromise each other they enhance each other and you cannot have one without the other. Strength is loving yourself and others because their soul inspires you, not because they look a certain way, or you are lonely. Strength is realising people will come and go as they are scheduled to. Let them. Holding on does not affect them, only you. That is strength letting go. Strength is knowing and accepting not everyone will like you. Not everyone will be kind to you. Not everyone will agree with you. That does not mean you have to be unkind in return. Being kind is strength. Strength is showing up just as I am a mess, a goddess, a mom, any type of human and being real in a society that loves to condemn and judge you for being real or not but still doing it anyway. When we really think about it all everything we do is about trying to find happiness, if you think about it, it is the biggest conundrum we face. The pursuit of it is why we do basically everything that we do, and yet, none of that effort is necessary: it’s the simplest choice of changing our state of mind with our judgments, our daily patterns, the way we look at our circumstances, people around us, our bodies, others bodies and life in general that is true strength; in a world that wants everything served on a gold spoon perfectly without an obstacle or challenge or says its too hard, the grass is greener over there they are luckier. Taking back our own power to work with whom you are and what we got and to make the best of it no matter what life brings. To me this is strength.

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