Thank you all

We lose the wonder because we are challenged by our lives. We get cut open, gutted like fish and left to resurrect ourselves along this journey of life or we sit in nothingness. What inspires me to believe in humanity and what keeps me in love with people is that I choose the later. All things are rooted in suffering. You look at my photos and videos you see smiles or love or something else but do you know where that light and love came from? It came from the physical abuse, it came from the mental abuse, it came from losing a baby, it came from the rape, it came from the judgement of others, it came from getting lost, it came from my struggles that still exist even to today. Suffering yields the miraculous. So be here. Be part of what you’re sewn into. Bloom and blossom where you are planted. Be aware of the awesomeness that you are and realise that without you, the seaming of this mysteriously interconnected world would cease to exist as it is. Hope is never gone, it is just ignored or lost in the chaos of life.
As I am about to embark on a 3 year journey to head home to Australia on Saturday. I want to thank you all. It would not have been possible without you all. if you want to know if you make a difference and social media is real life, well here is the proof. Without you all my book would not have happened you inspired the publishers to read my voice, my flight I would be still saving for to go to Australia after three years of not being home, my yoga teacher training with @blissology would never had happened thanks to his incredible awsesomenss.
So remember not to ignore the hope it is all around everywhere you look. Dont let it get lost in the negativity or chaos. A special thanks to @yogicbynature @amyweckermd and @supermomtraci for reminding me of my worth when I forget it.

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