The first part of love and change is to call out the bullshit and the second part is creating your own worth

It’s scary writing this book, sharing my story to be judged and misinterpreted. But people will judge you no matter if you try to do everything possibly you could for approval and society approved life or don’t. The only way to live a life of wholeness is by following your heart, soul and spirit. In the process as we journey through life we must continue connecting with like minded souls; and at the same time let go of those that have different versions of truth to do their thing. When I went out in Copenhagen nobody knew who I was, nobody recognised the girl on IG as @openheartscanunite and lined up to dance with me or talk to me. I was just a nameless human doing her thing and that is who I have always been followers or not. I am not some perfect human who’s got it all together. I am just a girl doing her best sharing with you all. I wish I was someone magic but Im the girl nobody recognises in reality and hides from attention, who is sitting on the floor because she fell over her own feet laughing at her own sensitive, crazy, shy, goofy ridiculousness. Along my journey I realised my abuse that I accrued did not stop me loving those that hurt me. It stopped me loving myself. I have personally learnt to stop checking on those that have hurt me, dont like me, wished had loved me, those that upset me and am learning to let them go in peace so I can shift my focus to healing and what makes me whole and the things still to come. And this is done every day for there is always someone or something that triggers me. Please remember our whole life is love. Listen to your heart, make courageous decisions that show you trust in the bigger picture this is the perfect moment to become all of you and I’ll be waiting to meet you. We are all fucked up, hurt and make mistakes but be grateful for all and surrender to the path of new possibilities ask yourself if I love and accept and respect myself who would I be in this situation?….. Then most importantly choose it and take action to become!
Stop waiting, dreaming and making regrets, The first part of love and change is to call out the bullshit and the second part is creating your own worth.

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