The real reality of each of us

Reality is behind this art here on social media and people’s successes is mostly moments of creating like this. This was a shoot I did with @deadlovejunkies and @nabootube – see the last photo for their art. The creation to get to the final product of any success or goal in life is simply moment’s of training, failing, learning, growing. working hard and having courage/faith to try. We always show or see others finished product but the finished product is always made from so much more. If we really looked clearly this is what we would realise about each person posting here or others successes we want to judge. We would realize when we observe we do not see wrong or right or good or bad. We do not see I am not enough (stories we create to make ourselves feel better when we know nothing about the others life) or they are this. We see a human just like us living a human experience not for or against us, but as a gift to us they share. We see a human that is struggling just like us and also trying their best just like us. We see a human that hasn’t got it all figured out but inspires us in some areas we are wishing to learn and triggers us in other areas we need to heal. We see a human that can also learn from us as we can learn from them. We see a body not an object. We see a reflection of ourselves….. Our desires, our joy, our hate, our fear, our pain, our healing, our happiness, our darkness, our light, our Love and everything in between. We realise it is not about them when we look it is and always will be about us.

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