Truth and Vulnerability

I’m Rhy
I’m 34
This is an unedited photo
I struggle to read and write
I don’t have a 5 year plan
I tried suicide
I lost one baby
I suffered postnatal depression
I am left handed
I have been hit and mentally abused
I have been raped
I learnt yoga at home and pole dancing at home
Most days I have no idea what im doing
I worked as top executive assistant in Australia, Yoga teacher and personal trainer and trained professional golfers on the European circuit when I lived there.
I wanted to be a sport scientist but life had other plans. I deferred Uni and never got back to study.
My family don’t understand me but love me
I miss talking with my friends but everyone is too busy to connect these days
My heart hurts from all the hatred in this world I wish I could fix it, so my daughter didn’t have to experience it.
It’s hard being misunderstood in my yoga and fitness the judgement is overwhelming but it is me. This is my practice I show you a persons journey my truth and i rather be judged for my truth then something i don’t believe.
This is some of my story
I used to be so scared of being me, honest and vulnerable. I am ultra sensitive. I cover my eyes in an embarrassing moment of a movie. I thought the movie Twister was scary I fell off my seat 💺 in the cinema lol 😂 vulnerability to me felt frightening.

But here’s what I found out. TRUTH embodies vulnerability. My truth is my story. My strength is owning my story. My failures are my learnings. My not enoughs are actually my who I ams. My scars are my reminders of courage. TRUTH is the epitome of what it means to be vulnerable.
Truth doesn’t hide, even if I try to hide it. It wears no masks.
TRUTH stands no matter how messy or unpopular….think about how STRONG TRUTH IS. Truth is a vulnerable state of ultimate strength.
So next time you’re afraid to create, express, write or be in a state of vulnerability, remember, lean in to your TRUTH as best as you can, and remember how strong It is.
The destination is unknown but this is my journey with truth called my life

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  1. Amazing. Follow your heart and don’t worry what others think and say, but you know that already lol ! Cause you inspirational writings capture that very essence

    You should write an inspirational book !!

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