Understanding how Sensuality brings Passion in our lives and Coexists with Sexuality

Sensuality can connect us to this primal nature. The nature that we are born with because it connects with our memory and activates associations we have made with the feeling of lust and sex. However what society no longer recognises or teaches is sensuality can stand alone and coexist. It is not just one and the same and sensuality and sexuality are apart of us all to create union as everyone is taught in yoga.

Swadhisthana (sacral chakra) is all about movement, flow, care, pleasure, sexuality, relationships, procreation. It represents the male and female valences of ourselves. It is about creating joy, happiness and loving relationships.

The energy of the sacral chakra stores desires, feelings and emotions. The society we live in does not encourage us to be ourselves, to live and express our emotions. So from a very early age, we have to repress our emotions and desires. We are told not to cry, not to express ourselves publicly and to be ashamed of our own sexuality. All this suppressed energy remains stuck in the second chakra and causes imbalances, which show in society today and cause many problems including depression, loss of oneself, broken relationships, shaming and much more.

Sensuality can be expressed not only in our intimate desires but by the way we move and interact with each person, moment and experience. From being grounded in full awareness of the sensation of day to day life we can experience so much pleasure in mundane day to day actives. When we practice this kind of state of being we begin to find passion in our experiences and energies in our day we forgot existed but have always been there and within us.

Sexuality can exist without sensuality and the practice of passion, which is what society has given to us as the understanding of sexuality and sensuality together in things such as porn and shaming of sexuality. This creates simply the physiological animalistic responses of our human body in relationship to sexuality we know today and many of us shame, feel ashamed about, or feeling uncomfortable with. And we can still experience pleasure but it is less optimal and more natural instinct driven to feel a nature drive as a being or animal.

So if we consider sensuality and passion as a practice where we rediscover life and others before the intimacy of connection takes place it helps us to understand the bigger picture than society gives. It is the optimal experience of our life illuminating all that exists in our day to day lives and amplifying the magic that we are connected from all around us. As the greatest pleasure isn’t sex it is the passion in which it is practiced….Just like the greatest pleasure in life isn’t having it all it is the passion in which we live it with all we have an are.

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