We are all so afraid to surrender to our power & our truth. We have become a world that is living through fear. Thinking that control is our greatest power & if we cannot control it, we shame & judge it. We have lost our true responsibility in life, our response…the way in which we respond to everything. Everything is just information however we forget we get to choose our attachments & responses. We control our social media accounts to feed our egos to the point we end up scared if anyone sees us without expensive outwear, makeup, filters or protective layers, we think nobody will like us. We want pills to control our attention spans, bodyweight and feelings. We are afraid if we feel one negative feeling we are a failure. We are afraid if we let someone in to our sacred space we won’t be able to recover if they dont like it. Yet we are already living in fear of someone discovering our truth & held prisoner by societies & our own limiting set beliefs. We are scared from the past. We all have that one scar that cuts so deep, we never want to feel pain again & it makes us scared to be ourselves fully & unapologetically. We all have that one imperfection or trauma of opening up to someone, letting the world see us, which we got royally fucked over because we trusted in better tomorrows, but someone or something recklessly tore our trust into a million pieces &; stops us trusting to open again. We are all so terrified to strip ourselves raw, yet we are also terrified living with our protective layers that life or someone will discover our rawness anyway & see the real us. Now we have all become full of fear, numbness & confusion staving ourself from the most profound experience of life because we’re afraid to feel the scary feelings. Vulnerability is accepting the part of yourself that you buried the deepest, it’s an attempt to share that part with someone else; &/or the world & holding space for others to do the same. The benefit of being vulnerable is that you finally begin to realise no one expects you to be perfect, & you begin to understand that you don’t have to be.

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  1. Love you videos, inspiring, genuine, and true to the heart!! Many connections relating to you story. Thanks for posting

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