Vulnerability is not weakness

In a world of masks, highlight reels, perfection and not really knowing who we are but being who we are expected to be… Please know healing hurts and you are not weak for feeling overwhelmed, emotionally tired and depleted. When we feel like we’ve run out, it is not about being strong enough but rather you’ve been holding on for too long. It’s time to be gentle with yourself. The core of breakdown is actually transforming and awakening. It is realizing your old ways can no longer serve you. Breakdowns aren’t weakness. In fact you are strong for fighting back. When you felt the world failing apart around you, remember you actually found strength in your struggle and pushed forward. You may still feel weak and heartbroken at times but the best is yet to come. It takes strength to face our sadness, confront our feelings and grieve. It takes strength to share it and reach out to a world that doesn’t often understand us, for help. Vulnerability is not weakness. It is our most accurate measure of courage and becoming who we were always born to be.

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