We are alive through a state of rapture in ourselves

When a woman is in a state of rapture she is standing in her power. Not for anyone but to feel her full range of her emotions and to stop teetering in the nasty neighborhood of diminishment and self doubt. She feels like she can fly which, is not usual in this denoting system of this society/culture. The only thing that offers a women or any human full pleasure in their life experience is self love/acceptance with rapture in their body. Our bodies are built for pleasure with 8000 nerve endings to taste, touch, feel, see and hear. Our bodies are capable of feeling ecstasy and not just attached to sex; as society would have us think. Eight thousand nerve endings teach us all freedom, self reliance, and help us to find our higher purpose. They show us joy and sadness and everything in between. When we ignore our ability to feel and our pleasure or only think of it as sex, we become blocked, we hurt others and we enslave ourselves in daily life, like work, kids, driving, cook, fitness, relationships, chores, bills etc without feeling any joy. Many of us are spending our life in a perpetual state of frustration, depression, anger, shame, judgment, blame, ego non healing state and resentment. We need to learn to reconnect with ourselves through the tools of life like senses and arts of life so we can allow ourselves to reconnect with our joy and pleasure on a daily basis in everything we do.

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