What I am working on

Some one asked me what I want to change about myself in my stories. Great question. I want to change my ability to never fall back into hopelessness by continuing to grow my love, compassion, kindness and faith. To do this I will continue to work with my thoughts and actions that dont add up. I will continue to work on cheering on all humans even the ones that make me feel uncomfortable. I will continue to work on never judging another in the times I let my truth be the story giver instead of theirs. I will continue to work on my conditioning and my untruths. I will continue to rid myself of justifications for my conditioning and societies relentless justifications by why they can treat another this way by denial, shame and judgment.
I use to feel hopeless but now I know love operates always within me at the core of my being. So beyond all the hate and fear we throw at each other and inside ourselves. I will continue to work on not being hopeless and have faith and me walk side by side even when I cant see her. I do not know if I will ever transcend fully but I know without a doubt I will try and become accountable for me every step of my journey. I will steer myself towards the light or let the light fall into the cracks of darkness even when I am scared. It is a lifetime process of facing ourselves and committing to unraveling our conditioning to become our truth…Why is this my journey? Because beyond our learned responses and trained conditioning is where we have a chance to be free in our truth. I no longer want to feel terrified I want to feel empowered by planting seeds of hope and faith for better tomorrows.

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