When we look at Happiness

When we look at happiness, pleasure is the easiest component to attain whereas excellence is the hardest. However the most important thing to understand is just as the full spectrum of life cannot exist without light and dark, nor can happiness unless all are being a part of our journey. When you try to use one part of happiness to compensate for the other …. usually it is pleasure in place of excellence it will not work… just like too much light will never make us whole. You see, regardless of our circumstances joy exists to feel good just because, but happiness does not. Happiness is built, cultivated and intentional. It is not something we humans stumbled upon, we choose it. It is chosen not by willing ourselves to feel a single emotion but cultivated through daily habit and choices that increase our quality of life. It is cultivated through purpose, forward thinking, humility, community & philosophy. But remember being happy isn’t always about feeling pleasure or being joyful. It means you are working towards what matters, you are building a life you are proud of, and persevering in the direction of those goals, because challenges, hard days are going to come no matter what you’re doing. So we must make it something worth your time.

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