Who am I flow

Was I a gymnast 🤸‍♀️? No
Was I a dancer 💃? No
Did I have a teacher in person? Not until my teacher training for one month last year thank you to the kindness of @blissology and my parents the rest was learnt at home on my mat with video work and online Skype.
How long have I been practicing? 6.5 years at home via videos online
Who takes/makes my photos and videos like this? 97% of the time me and occasional gifts of time from other amazing humans
Do I work? Yes I work and raise my daughter
What is my job? Health and well-being consultant, writer, yoga and Pilates teacher corporate and private clients and personal trainer.
Am I paid for my Instagram and YouTube posts? No I provide this content for free to help others. I started this after my daughter was born
Do I have time? No, I make time 5am.
Do I have a lot of money? No I don’t even own a car or house
Am I sponsored by the companies I promote? No I am grateful for their kindness and awesome product so I share them
Is it easy for me? No it’s hard work every day with 5am starts, work, living, training, being a mom etc but it’s worth it!
Do I have an answer how to get fit or flexible? Yes, there is no 30 day plan, simply show up every day and do your best with whom you are and what you have.
How old am I? 35
How did it all start? It all began one day when my intuition became my compass. My darkness became my light. My weaknesses became my possibilities, my excuses changed into my seeds for better tomorrows. Every single one of my negative and positive thoughts were embodied into planting seeds of hope and faith…. in which my goals were conveyed so as my future of better tomorrows and me could be developed. I felt as if my wings were finally spreading and instead of being afraid of falling I started to learn to soar and then slowly fly with the ups and downs of life and all its beauty and struggles every day and you can too.
Wearing @glamgirlla mat @liforme

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