With Love – Happy Valentines

Happy valentines day I have never celebrated but I celebrate love and we can always practice love and I am happy for anyone who celebrates. I do not need to be sad because I have not experienced the society version. There is good to find in everything and bad. But when we practice mindfully we can also find the good. Valentines can also be practiced commercially like Christmas but it can be also another beautiful day of love when celebrated through love. It is all about the way we choose to act in life that creates the positive and negative and our perspectives. We do not ever have to be with someone to celebrate love or feel joy, we can simply practice love and compassion to ourselves, life and others in general and this can be the mindful approach to valentines and other hard days. You are never alone if you love yourself. Remember many people are in relationships and are not happy, the grass is never greener on the other-side. It all starts with knowing that we are never alone, when we love ourselves. Nothing will ever be awesome unless we love ourselves. This Valentines will be amazing because you choose you and to love yourself. I know this because I didn’t choose me and tried to commit suicide and failed, thankfully. I have learnt when I choose me on a daily and moment by moment choice, it does not matter if I am with someone or not or what day it is, life is beautiful. However when I do not choose me and I have those days, if I am with some or not, life is hard. Choose you, love you. Your are always awesome, even when you be honest and you have to acknowledge everything preferred and non preferred feelings and experiences are lessons to learn and grow from, reminding us inside needs healing. They are all valuable just don’t get too attached to the untruths, like you are alone or not enough. You are amazing and never alone because you have YOU the greatest gift in the world, as without you, you have nobody….. Happy Valentines.

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