Yoga and its evolution

Naked Yoga, presumably derived from the ancient Indian principles of Nagna Yoga, performed by Hindu yogis, is a branch of yoga practiced by ascetics. It was recommended as a tool to tame desires and to feel at one with nature. The statement of sexualisation of yoga should never exist amongst true Yogis and if practiced authentically no matter position or clothes. Yoga is a strenuous activity where you are stretching or bending yourself, while at the same time concentrating all your energies. It makes you so focused that you are unaware of anybody, nude or clothed, in your vicinity. The question of excitement does not arise, if yoga is done right. We all as yogis today must be aware yoga has changed there are many different streams we are doing. Posting in expensive exercise gear doesn’t make it more authentic yoga than in less clothing. Yoga has evolved and is different for us all and the most important thing is we are practicing from learning growing within to out. Just like cooking now uses science 🧪 and before it did not, but it is still cooking. Yoga is about respecting ourselves and also to respect the practice of others in what they find to be the right practice for them. We are all different what feels right for one is different for another and what feels right for us today may not be right for us in a year. For any yogi judging another this is not yoga. Yoga doesn’t judge because we are too busy working on ourselves. The real yoga leads with observation, acceptance, change what we can ourselves and love always.

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