Yoga isn’t or is it is to create space unveil

Yoga isn’t the things you wear. It is not the physical moves you do. Yogas goal is the let you breath, create space where you were once stagnant or stuck or limited. To tear down the walls that veiled you into false safety and comfort. Yoga isn’t clothed or not clothed, like a shower is not clothed or not clothed. Yoga isn’t handstand or not a handstand. Yoga isn’t flexible or not flexible. It is simply just yoga.

Yoga is to help us learn to appreciate our tool for life our body. To become aware of our thoughts and how they power or have disempowered us. The goal is to come home to you and love you. …. and in turn love all.

We come to the yoga mat to feel, not accomplish. We come to a yoga mat to observe, not judge. We can to a yoga mat to turn within, not to look good out. We come to the job mat to be. Shift your focus and bloom and grow.

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