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I wish I could celebrate everyone.

I wish my journey could make everyone feel valid. I wish people could see my heart and soul to know that nothing I am devalues them, even if it is different to the way they look, do or feel. I wish they could see I find different beautiful and inspiring. I wish we could all see the human behind the physical form because no matter what we look like we all struggle and this shame and judgment of another story or body makes the struggle that much harder.

I wish for my daughters future this could all change. I wish you could all see my mental hard work, my scars of life, rape and abuse like a weight loss journey or a missing limb because the pain and struggle is just as hard. I wish you could all see my work days, my caring for my daughter, my doing life, my I can’t afford a car or house, my doing my best so you could see I’m just like you all.

I wish I wish I wish. Today my heart hurts just simply because I feel my pain and your pain and I can’t fix it. So I stand here before you all and say this. Im sorry for those that have hurt you, I’m sorry the world keeps telling you or someone they are not enough, I’m sorry that no matter how many positives there are to you people always find a way to misappropriate you and make you not enough. I have lost count of how many people I’ve met, in the roots of their bodies, repairing the damage done by sexual abuse, shame, society standards and violation.

Let me be clear, the human body and energy system are far too powerful to be damaged by these acts—but what is damaged is peoples connection to their own body, to their own knowing of their body as sacred. That connection between themselves & their body is what must be repaired to heal. Without this they will never fully exist, always being half of who they could be.

So today I stand here in honor of you all I am human just like you all and I am struggling too just like you. I love you and remember the only way out is through. The only way through is start with the person in the mirror you. My love and endless gratitude from me to you and please know being you is what the world needs and being you is enough and I salute you Namaste ????