World suicide prevention day was yesterday I share it a day late as often our connection comes a day late… This is all of me scroll to see the bigger versions. I am girl here trying to show you a human, not a mask or one side of her story. I am trying to share with you the multifaceted human we all are. My book Brave, Beautiful & Baring it All (link in bio) Talks about my journey of fitness from the inside out, my battle with depression & suicide. These black & white shares are many different forms of me but all me. What does a human look like that suffers??? Like every single one of us….Life on social media we see often one side of us & so little of our journey, but even though we don’t see things, that does not mean they aren’t still occurring. We are all so blinded by the externals, we don’t see the hurting hearts & struggling souls behind these posts. We don’t see the anxiety attacks, the fights, suicide attempts, the challenges, the abuse, the depression, the pain and suffering we cause by our hateful words we say here & in life. We miss soo much that changes lives… I hope today you’ll all close your eyes & see with your heart. Reach out to those you love tell them you love them. Be a little kinder here online to those you want to judge. Just because they look happy are they? Just cause they have a body you do or dont admire does it mean we can be unkind or life is better? A person that looks together does it mean they don’t have insecurities or challenges? Because you’re inspired by them does it mean they haven’t been told they aren’t worthy/not good enough? Just because they are naked, does it mean they are a bad person? Porn? Or self confident/extroverted? Just because they look like they have the perfect family, relationship, have it all together, rich, happy are they? Just because you view the world this way does it mean it’s the only way? Mental Health Awareness for me is every day. We don’t see the wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds and visibly breaks. So many hide their scars with I’m fine & see the world in black & white instead of vibrant colors. So let’s show people our love ❤️

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