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It has been so hard to be on social media & be hated & judged from one post to the next. I still feel anxious sharing my art by incredible photographers like @shotbyshankha & at the same time doing this art has healed me & helped me to see, I am not the shame & judgement I have been bestowed or felt.

As I sit here just finishing my family breakfast with friends. I see they love me even with this in my skin share now. No hatred or judgement, like social media, only acceptance. The world has a lot to learn about who we are, one story & our projections on others. One post is loved here by me because of what I wear or the angle is deemed ok & the other post is told I am porn, a bad mother & not yoga or decent.

It’s sad the reality is the world outside of us on social media by one post, can decide on my fate & worth… Sharing my art from photographers & my body has really made me think about how we project & damage each other or heal the world. The human form in its skin (naked), we all see differently. That’s ok but my wish would be that we were able to normalise it and celebrate it. I desire that we are able to stop telling others they need to do, give more/differently to us. Instead we thank them for sharing more of themselves & we are grateful to receive their shares that once social media didn’t allow us to.

I hope the images of our bodies would tell our story as much as the clothes, projections & masks we wear. That our wrinkles, scars & beauty show a life lived in hope, vulnerability, overcoming & courage in front of others & within ourselves. I dream we could stop always sexualising every persons images or assuming that they are asking for something. Instead seeing the beauty & sensualities as gifts for us to respect & experience.

My biggest wish is that we could all shed the shame in the way that resonates with us without the judgment/fear. So we could stop hiding our strengths by using them to cover our perceived weakness. We could shed the stories not by how someone else says they should be written & seen. But by just being, a rewriting of what is yet to be. Stripping down & stepping into who we really are….