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Just because I carry it well, does not mean it isn’t heavy…. I read this quote and it really hit home. After sharing my story in my book Brave Beautiful and Baring it All (link in bio to purchase) My story that includes rape, physical abuse, losing a child, post and prenatal depression made many people start to look at me different. They didn’t just see a girl smiling they saw a glimpse into the weight she is also holding or the hard knocks she endured. They said I didn’t realise you went through that and I am sorry I didn’t respect you, sorry I said that to you….Many of our stories are so deep in shame many of us will never be able to retell them. I know it took me years too and I am still working on some parts. Please remember everyone is carrying a heavy load. Some of us much heavier than we will ever know but that is life. Life isn’t always smiles or sunshine as we see on others. Behind all that it truly is hard and difficult and we all get delivered traumas we didn’t ask for. Everyone carries, sadness, pain and so much more inside. That is why we need to be more gentle, respectful and compassionate to each other….if we know the trauma or not it still exists and people still deserve compassion and love. We must be less judgmental, we cannot judge a book by its cover nor a human by their smile or outside mask. I am too guilty of dismissing others to find out later they battled something and I regretted it immensely. We all need to be better people. This world is full of hard knocks and heavy loads. However what I have learn as I keep healing is they are not a waste of time they teach us something and they remind us of faith. We often think we are missing out on our good life as we struggle but I also realised, we are not missing out on our destiny, we are actually becoming it by transforming through it. The hard times will go as will the good times. Lets show some grace and kindness as we walk side by side, lets spread love and compassion and keep faith for better tomorrows. Namaste
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