Tapas – Age and Yoga

At age 36 and after pregnancy I didn’t think it possible to feel more mobility and freedom without soreness but it is. I guess age is only a word and we get to determine if it’s limiting us or giving us more potential. So many look at yoga like its some type of destination or only for those that have flexibility. However yoga for me is about the ability to come home to my truth and looking at if from Tapas literal translation of heat, can be looked at as our determined effort to become someone of character and strength .. With the heat cooking ourselves in the fire of discipline to transform ourselves into someone of character and strength from within. It is the times of hopeless desperation that shape and mold us into someone of depth. 8 years ago I was mourning a lost of a child. 7 years ago i was battling postnatal depression, 5 years ago I attempted on my life due to depression and abuse. Tapping into Tapas reminded me of the promise of crisis is that it will pick us up and deposit us on the other side of something. The questions for me I ask daily has become will i trust the process and what am I practicing for….
My answer is to be the change I wish to see (within me to become the upward spiral of kindness and love in the world) …. Where there is hatred, let me plant a seed of love.
Where there is doubt, let me be the heart of faith that whispers try again.
Where there is despair, let me sprinkle hope.
Where there is darkness, let me be the light darkness finds, so it remembers it too is light.
Where there is sadness, let me splash joy.
Tapas is the willingness to be both burned and blessed. This resonates with me deeply. Life is the art of suffering well through the burned and blessed process of growth and everything that we experience.

Vulnerability is not weakness

In a world of masks, highlight reels, perfection and not really knowing who we are but being who we are expected to be… Please know healing hurts and you are not weak for feeling overwhelmed, emotionally tired and depleted. When we feel like we’ve run out, it is not about being strong enough but rather you’ve been holding on for too long. It’s time to be gentle with yourself. The core of breakdown is actually transforming and awakening. It is realizing your old ways can no longer serve you. Breakdowns aren’t weakness. In fact you are strong for fighting back. When you felt the world failing apart around you, remember you actually found strength in your struggle and pushed forward. You may still feel weak and heartbroken at times but the best is yet to come. It takes strength to face our sadness, confront our feelings and grieve. It takes strength to share it and reach out to a world that doesn’t often understand us, for help. Vulnerability is not weakness. It is our most accurate measure of courage and becoming who we were always born to be.

When we look at Happiness

When we look at happiness, pleasure is the easiest component to attain whereas excellence is the hardest. However the most important thing to understand is just as the full spectrum of life cannot exist without light and dark, nor can happiness unless all are being a part of our journey. When you try to use one part of happiness to compensate for the other …. usually it is pleasure in place of excellence it will not work… just like too much light will never make us whole. You see, regardless of our circumstances joy exists to feel good just because, but happiness does not. Happiness is built, cultivated and intentional. It is not something we humans stumbled upon, we choose it. It is chosen not by willing ourselves to feel a single emotion but cultivated through daily habit and choices that increase our quality of life. It is cultivated through purpose, forward thinking, humility, community & philosophy. But remember being happy isn’t always about feeling pleasure or being joyful. It means you are working towards what matters, you are building a life you are proud of, and persevering in the direction of those goals, because challenges, hard days are going to come no matter what you’re doing. So we must make it something worth your time.

Just Begin

So many of us stare with big eyes at the prospect of dreams while our hearts. guts and chests sink becoming overwhelmed with doubt, fear and and anxiety.You need to open your eyes, but not to those god and greats, for comparing ourselves only steals our joy and makes us feel not enough and unworthy. Instead of comparing by a standard or person, think of it as proof success is possible. Notice how many people are building around you their dreams. Each one a different journey and struggles and way about it but building…The world today makes impossible become im possible, with so many more things we can do today than ever before. Today with Covid we are able to connect with our loved ones and see them through videos and social media, where as many years ago we would have all been isolated not knowing if our loved ones were ok. Women were once not allowed to have a credit card, vote or run marathons. Men could not stay at home as fathers. We must remember people want to support you, learn from you, grow with you, you are part of the ripple effect, not because you are perfect but because you are you. The truth is the people who lived fulfilled lives truly loved what they did, they never had it altogether.. their worthiness measured not by another/standards but by the commitment they had that outshined everything else… Showing up makes you worthwhile, creates worth, allows you to make the best you and product. If you are looking for permission to do you and what you love…. Really you are seeking the confidence to pursue what you would like to spend your days doing. And what this in turn is the ultimate question if we are good enough or not and worth people’s time?So know this people want to hear your stories, read your work, celebrate what makes you feel understood, as it lights up their lives so they have the courage to do the same and can see the way. The confidence you are looking for will not arrive until you begin. You do not need to find confidence to pursue what you really love, you just have to begin.

I wish, I wish, I wish

I wish, I wish, I wish…

Working on my preferred & non side, on a pose I fell in love with but practice rarely, for my body responds better to not over using my joints..I wish i could celebrate everyone & my journey could make everyone feel valid. I wish people could see my heart & soul to know that nothing I am devalues them, even if it is different to the way they look, do or feel. I wish they could see I find different beautiful & inspiring. I wish we could all see the human behind the physical form because no matter what we look like we all struggle & this shame, judgment of another story or body makes the struggle that much harder. I wish for my daughters future this could all change. I wish you could all see my mental hard work, my scars of life, rape & abuse like a weight loss journey or a missing limb because the pain & struggle is as hard. I wish you could all see my work days, my caring for my daughter, my doing life, my I can’t afford a car or house, my doing my best so you could see I’m just like you all. I wish I wish I wish. Today my heart hurts just simply because I feel my pain & your pain & I can’t fix it. Here I am vulnerable here before you all & say this. Im sorry for those that have hurt you, I’m sorry the world keeps telling you or someone they are not enough, I’m sorry that no matter how many positives there are to you people always find a way to misappropriate you and make you not enough. I have lost count of how many people I’ve met, in the roots of their bodies, repairing the damage done by sexual abuse, shame, society standards & violation. Let me be clear, the human body & energy system are far too powerful to be damaged by these acts—but what is damaged is peoples connection to their own body, to their own knowing of their body as sacred. That connection between themselveses & their body is what must be repaired to heal. Without this they will never fully exist, always being half of who they could be. So today I stand here in honor of you all I am human just like you all & I am struggling too just like you. I love you & remember the only way out is through. The only way through is start with the person in the mirror you. My love Rhy

Give yourself permission to take control

This picture was me at 36.5 weeks and the second picture is today over 7 years work that will continue for my whole life…. it is a lifestyle.

We often discredit someones journey because we only see their highlight reels. We forget all humans have it hard. And we forget a fitness lifestyle is hard if you have a family or not and statistics prove it….We all set out each year with New Years Resolutions and according to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals, while around 80 percent fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

The hardest part about my journey of regaining my fitness with life was the responsibility of owning my own story and happiness along with managing all that challenged me like postnatal depression, life day to day challenges and, while raising another human being in the process. After pregnancy I had the challenge of not just staying fit but getting fit. I had to prove to myself that not only could health and fitness be part of my life with a family, but my family’s as well and all with still the same 24hrs in the day I had before a child.

When we see another’s highlight reel on social media we often use blame as a way to discharge our pain and discomfort, but it only provides the illusion of relief in the short term and causes harm in the long term. As I battled depression and struggled with my challenges of life I tried the blame and resentment game first. I tried to make the grass greener to those that had success and also blame all my circumstances and others around me but it lead me nowhere but darkness and further away from better tomorrows. You see, blame for why things are not the way we want them and resentment for what is, creates a toxic feedback loop of stress in the body and a life time of impact on our health. This is where our true responsibility comes in the way in which we respond.

What I have learnt is nobody has it easy, there is no easy in life and never will be….All people deserve respect and credit for their successes and we must take responsibility for our journey. The odds may not be in our favour but we can create habits and a life that creates a life of suffering well and planting seeds of better tomorrow with the work we do with what we have. In the end there is always someone proving the odds wrong and reminding us that It is not about our age or if our mom or dad have good or bad genetics, our circumstances or anything else. Our bodies are our creation and our health story. They can be molded and shaped with hard work and love from within. But we have to love our bodies and train not because we hate ourselves but because we love ourself and because this is the only life we have.

I used to believe that in order to be successful I had to be like everyone else. But as we all know that won’t get you anywhere. While it’s perfectly acceptable to have role models, it is essential for you to be authentic and true.

Give yourself permission to take control. Realize that you are 100 percent responsible for your current reality.

Stop wasting your precious time worrying about what’s going on around you and instead put all your energy and focus towards creating a better you. Create instead of complaining. Build instead of destroy.

Dare to experiment. Dare to explore.

Your only competition is you!

Rhy xo

Seeing the Journey

I was not born this way flexible. I was not a dancer or gymnast. I am 36 years old and started yoga at 29. I am self taught through online videos. This is me 7 years apart. Nobody has it as easy as social media highlight reels make us believe. In this 7 years I’ve been raising my daughter in foreign languages and countries. I have not been able to pay bills. I don’t own a car or house even still today. I have worked 3 jobs. I have taught myself german. I have been healing from PTSD and losing a child. I have been abused and attempted on my life and I have been getting up at 5am to learn yoga via videos online. I have trained to become a yoga teacher. I have become an author but have not received profits financially as books aren’t as profitable as the world makes labels to believe. Instead my profit has become in healing and helping others. I’ve paid for every book I’ve given away and so much more has occurred behind the highlight reels, these are just pictures and numbers and this is just some of my story. The pain of our loses transform into our beauty of having discovered something more important than someone who promises us forever or a pose or a number. Our life isn’t really a story or chapters …it is a multiple of stories, self discovery and love finding away to teach ourselves how to love better, how to give more, how to be more of ourself, learn what’s not for us and what is. But most importantly learn self trust, self truths, self compassion, self love, self worth and listen to our intuition, even if there isn’t logic to it. The biggest questions im learning to ask is not why I am getting so little love or failing? But how much am I giving away to me and those around me? And what I am doing with what I have to plant seeds of hope for better tomorrows for me, my daughter and this world?

We must just exist as is– and be prepared to be loved anyway.

it has taken me along time to share many of my photos this one by incredible @shotbyshankha because it means so much to me and more than the misappropriations our body receives when post them on social media. @nude_yogagirl has inspired my healing journey immensely through yoga along with @michelle_yogogirls @shanti.prema.yoga @iamshapeshifting @lizcrosbyyoga @poppyseeddancer @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga @rootedinflowing @kelelah and many others
At 36 what I am learning is no matter the opinions or perceptions other people have of my experiences, there is nothing that can alter the light or dark within me, except me. It can neither be worthy nor worthless, increased or decreased by the aversion or affection of the world around me. I am a exuberant being of value and the only person who can take away from my power-is me.

My body clothed or naked does exactly what I wish for and more. My openness, vulnerability and truth not only allows those around me to be brave, beautiful and baring it all (however they choose) within their experiences, but also allows myself to dive into a deeper level of healing, acceptance, compassion, understanding and love.
Nothing is worth hiding….As Brené Brown says….What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is Shame for being human. Authenticity is a collection of choices we make each day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to let our true self be seen. Being vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection. The dark does not destroy the light. It defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows……
If we are going to love ourselves, we must be true and learn not to self discriminate and mask that which we are and share with the world. We must just exist as is– and be prepared to be loved anyway.

Brave, Beautiful and Baring it All Review

This post means everything from one human to another thank you as a girl who has been scared to share her story to a girl who did your support means everything.

Thank you • @fortheloveoflife_yoga Dear friend Rhyanna Watson, whom I know and do not know, thank you for writing your book Brave, Beautiful AND BARING IT ALL. Thank you for inspiring me on my journey. Thank you for showing me what bravery looks like & thank you for always being so kind. You’ve impacted many lives, even without being first woman prime minister of Australia. @openheartscanunite 🖤

Dear friend
This is a letter to all you beautiful souls. The you who has had a rough moment, day, week, year or life. The you who seems to be living under a constant cloud. The you who feels invisible and who gets trodden on. The you who has lost their faith. The you that always blames yourself for everything that could possibly go wrong.
To dear beautiful amazing you, you are awesome. I just want to say I see you all that you are. Please know that your energy, stamina, endurance, dedication, commitment, sense of purpose and above all, sacrifice, does not go unnoticed. We are in the wings watching you, applauding you, rooting for you, everyone who knows you and loves you.
I am proud of you. If I was doing your life I wouldn’t know how to do it as marvellously as you. You make this world more beautiful. You have so much more potential and so much left to do.
You have time and better things are coming your way, so hang in there. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. You can do it!
. #brave #beautiful #baringitall #openhearts #openheartscanunite #rhyannawatson #yoga #vulnerabilityisstrength #bestof2020 #bestseller #inspiration

Our Beliefs

Abusers never have to do the convincing that we are the issue, they only need remind us regularly, as our belief is already ingrained in us. They are just capitalising on it. The reality is that developing guilt as an adaption response is unavoidable. Guilt drives judgment and shame. It is about when we feel responsible for failing to ensure that outcome. When guilt and responsibility become the core of who we believe we are, it gives way to a lifetime of suffering, adaptations that are not built healthily with awareness. This belief and these adaptations are what drove me to my attempt on my life and kept me in an abusive relationship and also drove someone else to a drug addiction, anorexia, self harm, keeps someone in an abusive relationship or even suicidal thoughts. Yoga allowed me to build awareness and develop tools to recognise my beliefs and change my adaptations to healthier behaviours, so I did not continue to feel responsible for things that I have no business feeling responsible for.

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