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Lets say you hold a particular ideology through society, experience, culture or teachings and you meet someone who does not conform to your views. You seemingly have two choices. First you could alter your ideology to accomodate or become inclusive. Unfortunately, most of us appear to invested in our own personal views to do that… So the seemingly common route is to attempt to delegitimise or erase individuals that make us think outside our norm.
No one likes to be judged. And yet we all judge each other all the time. Not one likes to not be heard yet we block different opinions all the time. One of the many “why are humans so determined to be miserable” conundrums. I get that we don’t always support each others decisions or understand them that is still not reason for us to judge. Everyone is worthy of love and respect, not always of your time and effort. Some people are a joy to love and some people trigger us and boundaries are about making sure we are able to find love. This is when we need to realise there are some people best to love close and others best to love from afar but all people deserve love and respect.
You never know when you’ll be the person who ignites an awakening in someone else. That’s why it’s so important to weave kindness and love into all of our interactions. It may be in the advice you give to others, or the sudden smile you offer to some stranger. It may be your willingness to stop whatever it is you’re doing to listen, or the way in which you allow your eyes to rest on another without judgment. You can’t predict when you will be the catalyst for something wonderful to light up another human being, but there will be many such moments — when your love and compassion will be the exact thing someone needs to feel understood, and okay, and inspired. To feel seen!