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What kind of life would you create if you knew you were enough?

I feel vulnerable every day sharing myself, but I want to be real, so I do it anyway. I haven’t got anything figured out. I am just an ordinary girl putting her belief in herself as she is the only one that can create better tomorrows. I know one thing we as humans need to do. That is to stop projecting our insecurities on others. My person doesn’t change because of my outfit, or that I do something that is different to you, your opinion changes me. My truth doesn’t change if you like me or you don’t. It still calls to me & is the only thing that will make me whole. I have learned we wear masks because we want to protect ourselves from being rejected, but being rejected is non residence it was never our home.

You don’t control residence so you need to let it go. We are going to be rejected if we do what the world says or not, or wear our masks or not. The reality is though…who wants to hang out with people who don’t love us for us. It’s already hard enough living a life in our bodies with our own internal hate voice, why do we want to hang with the external hate voices too.

We wear masks to not let others see us but those masks reject us from us. We are deeply afraid of letting the world see us & yet we are deeply afraid of not living a loving, whole & full life. The masks that we wear, we cut the world short from ever known us & we cut our own life short dying why living, never knowing ourselves. We only live a watered down life for all the world and ourselves to experience. So have the courage to take off your mask & be vulnerable. Live the life you are meant to. There are 7 billion people on earth, you are not alone, nothing real can be threatened & nothing unreal can exist. Therefore anything real you will never lose & if you lose something by being real, it never existed in the first place aligning to you. You cannot lose anyone true to your soul. It is impossible to lose people who love you no matter what you wear or phase you are in or how many ops a daisys you make. You can only lose people & things who are not aligned with you.