In 2018 I did my teacher training with @blissology and @olivianachle was the retreat photographer. Many of us did a separate shot with her. I remember for my shot we drove on a scooter through the rice fields to this beach to take these shots. No plans just flow with the waves surrounding us. I remember a Balinese man walking and sitting down on the beach. He took his hat off watching as Olivia and I took photos. At one point my swimsuit got whipped away in the waves Olivia was running after it, we were both laughing and the Balinese man too. It was a beautiful reminder of all in acceptance and love and being human in a moment. When I wrote my book @olivianachle photos were a gift to have, as they captured me… a girl barefoot, footloose and fancy free. It was a small representation of my journey back to self love at a very difficult time in my life due to personal circumstances and traumas… For one reason it was the first time I went back to Bali after being raped there in 2009.

Here is an extract from my book I want to share.
All Bodies are equal
If we can shift the conversation away from what we think is wrong in ourselves to what is right in us and what is wrong in the way society treats us, we may just encourage people to start celebrating every body for the unique beauty no matter what size, shape, colour, age ethnicity or physical ability. – Rhyanna Watson @openheartscanunite

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Photographer @olivianachle

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