Write the Future Gym

Welcome Fitsters,

This is my Fitness page where I share my own workouts. If you’ve been wondering how I regained my fitness after a baby and keep myself in shape, here are the workouts. I create these workouts on my own, they are effective but always with dash of fun and a sprinkle of challenges to help you regain your fitness and get you to your healthiest and happiest.

Currently all my workouts are free. In time I will have a premium content in my gym that will have new workouts every week and weekly schedules with all real-time workouts.

Never never never give up, if you are wondering why you are not getting results…Stop giving up on your exercise, your commitment, your nutrition and your new lifestyle… Results will not happen overnight or by the end of the week. But with consistency; results will happen. Set small goals that will lead you to the bigger goal. When we try and set goals that are too big and want to reach them too soon we get discourage. Pace yourself, have patience, condition your mind. Find what moves you. Believe and Achieve and join me in the gym.


Splits 5 Minute Burn

There is know right way and wrong way to achieve anything in life. You have to find the best way for you. Here is a stretching routine that you may like to practice on a regular basis to help you achieve the splits.

Remember focus on technique and take your time. Do not push so hard you get an injury because this actually makes the process a lot longer. Always enjoy the journey there will always be another goal or mountain top to reach.

Believe and Achieve

Practice Makes a Master Workout

Full workout working on pistol squats.

Repeat 2 to 3 Rounds

10 Alternating Pistols with 3 leg switches at the bottom
10 Downward Dog Push up
10 Alternating Pistols with 3 leg switches at the bottom
10 Assisted one arm push ups Left Arm
10 Assisted one arm push ups Right Arm
10 Alternating Pistols with 3 leg switches at the bottom
10 Wall Runs with 10 Wall taps
10 Alternating Pistols with 3 leg switches at the bottom

Pistol and Guns 5 Minute Burn

Let us fire up and shoot some minutes through with guns and pistols workout. You can also create a larger workout by completing 2 to 4 Rounds. Bang Bang let the workout begin 🙂

1st Minute – Left Leg Pistols
2nd Minute – Right Leg Pistols
3rd Minute – Chest to Floor Push up
4th Minute – Clap Push ups
5th Minute – Alternating Pistols