Handstands 5 Minute Burn

Practice makes a master. The more you practice the stronger you get. Try this workout to develop your handstand strength.

1st Minute – Kick Up Handstands Alternating Kick up
2nd MInue – Handstand Wall Runs
3rd Minute – Handstand 2 Press ups
4th Minute – Handstand Shoulder Taps
5th Minute – Handstand

Cardio Yoga

Yoga can be just like a workout. It does not have to be one way. You just have the find the right way for you. Here is a workout cardio yoga style. You are going to get the benefits of a clear mind like when doing yoga, flexibility that is a must to develop further in your fitness goals and workout all in one.

Inhale the good s@hit, exhale the bulls@hit.