Pistol and Guns 5 Minute Burn

Let us fire up and shoot some minutes through with guns and pistols workout. You can also create a larger workout by completing 2 to 4 Rounds. Bang Bang let the workout begin 🙂

1st Minute – Left Leg Pistols
2nd Minute – Right Leg Pistols
3rd Minute – Chest to Floor Push up
4th Minute – Clap Push ups
5th Minute – Alternating Pistols

No Butts About It Workout

Lets learn how to engage the glutes so you can achieve that tight uplifted sexy butt that you are after. When you always workout but do not know how to engage the muscles you will never get the results you desire.

3 to 5 Rounds with 500 Skips at the end of your last round
10 Reps Straight Leg Deadlift with Dumbbells
10 Single Leg Deadlift Left Leg
10 Single Leg Deadlift Right Leg
50 Low Jacks with Dumbbell
10 Single Leg Dumbbell Lunge on Toes Left Leg
10 Single Leg Dumbbell Lunge on Toes Right Leg
500 High Knees Skips at the end of your last round

Handstands 5 Minute Burn

Practice makes a master. The more you practice the stronger you get. Try this workout to develop your handstand strength.

1st Minute – Kick Up Handstands Alternating Kick up
2nd MInue – Handstand Wall Runs
3rd Minute – Handstand 2 Press ups
4th Minute – Handstand Shoulder Taps
5th Minute – Handstand

Cardio Yoga

Yoga can be just like a workout. It does not have to be one way. You just have the find the right way for you. Here is a workout cardio yoga style. You are going to get the benefits of a clear mind like when doing yoga, flexibility that is a must to develop further in your fitness goals and workout all in one.

Inhale the good s@hit, exhale the bulls@hit.